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DJTAZ has been around since 2000, providing music, sound and lighting services for all events that require them. Having a profession that is heavily involved in music has always been the passion. He has performed or played at over 800 weddings, stags, concerts or other live events.

What started as a teenage hobby quickly grew into a full business as DJTAZ spent thousands of hours over the last 20 years plying and refining his craft. As one of the most versatile performers in his area, DJTAZ has done everything on a stage from DJing to singing to hosting to running full productions, even doing a few acting performances over the years.

He has been involved in every sort of production big and small, from concerts with attendance of over 5000 to corporate meetings that require sound, all the way to funeral AV services. Running through the full spectrum of Audio and Visual possibilities, DJTAZ has always and will continue to be able to offer a wide variety of AV services.


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