Personalized Video Letters To and From Santa

Order your child's personalized video letter to Santa and receive a beautiful, personal response.

You can opt to have your childs letter featured during the Countdown to Christmas show,
airing daily at 6pm, from Dec 1st - Dec 22nd.

You will be required to email a video of your child talking to Santa that will be used as part of his personalized response.


Costs for an emailed copy of your video from Santa (includes the original letter from your child) is $20 each.

A hard copy can also be provided via either USB Drive or CD for an additional $20.00

    Welcome to the Personalized Video Letters to Santa Page

    Santa is working with TuneHub in our studio to provide a personalized video message in response to the video letter that he has received from your child.

    Send your child's video message to Santa by email at tunehubstreaming@gmail.com and not only will Santa record a response, TuneHub will put the two video's together, creating a beautiful keepsake.

    Once purchased and your child's video to Santa has been emailed (using your phone number as the subject line), Santa will record his personalized response and your video will be prepared and emailed to you.

    The video can also be mailed to you via CD or USB for an additional $20.

    TuneHub will be airing a daily Christmas Countdown show, starting on December 1st, 2020. The show will feature Santa reading emails, getting ready for Christmas, Elf on the Shelf segments in addition to featuring some of the calls Santa has had with the children. If you would like to have your child's video letter to be considered for the show, please select the box below. A media release contract will be forwarded and must be returned prior to any videos being aired.

    Parent Contact Details

    Childs information

    Please be advised, this information is being collected in order to assist Santa when interacting with your child. This information will not be shared, or used in any other way.

    Please use this section to submit your email to Santa. If your child has included their own handwritten copy of their letter, please type the contents of the letter in this section and forward a copy of your child's handwritten letter by email to tunehubstreaming@gmail.com. Please include your phone number in the subject line.

    If your family has your own elf on the shelf, be sure to include his name so that Santa can address him during his interactions with your child.

    Payments can be made by email money transfer. Details for payments will be sent once we have received your request. If you require an alternative payment option, please email us at tunehubstreaming@gmail.com.